About Us

At Paragon Studios, we focus on getting players to the next level. The two main areas of focus are Metrics for superior development and Recruiting Video for highlighting players strengths and giving them the best chance to be viewed by top colleges and scouts. We know this is where we are different and go above and beyond expectations by providing the most quality videos and advanced metrics around. We go beyond just gathering random stats and dumping them, we provide meaning behind the numbers and actually help athletes and coaches prepare for the next level.  We are focused on the metrics that  all colleges and coaches care about and we keep them stored in our exclusive database for easy access. With our unique metric system that provides depth in measurement across all ages and positions, we are able to customize a development plan that highlights areas where the athlete excels, as well as, areas for improvement. Our goal is to help guide athletes and coaches with an easy to use, yet progressive tool to aid in development.

Sample Metrics, Updated Up To 4x Per Year

  • Bat Exit Speed
  • Bat Swing Speed
  • Barrel Force
  • Live Arm Outfield
  • Outfield Accuracy
  • Outfield Hold
  • Outfield Score
  • Hitting Score
  • Live Arm Infield
  • Infield Accuracy
  • Infield Hold
  • Infield Score
  • Live Arm Catcher
  • 1st Base Picks
  • Catcher Pop Time
  • Catcher Blocking
  • Catcher Hold
  • Catcher Score
  • Pitching MPH
  • Pitching True Spin
  • Pitching FB Accuracy
  • Pitching Off Accuracy
  • Pitching Score
  • 40 Time
  • Stolen Base Jumps
  • Home To 1st
  • Speed Score
  • Strength Metrics
  • Overall Player Score Rating
  • Video For Profiles
  • ….And Much More

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